leonardo dicaprio inception Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest flick “Inception” has all the elements to be a blockbuster sci-fi, fantasy action-adventure movie: Hot director, Christopher Nolan, hot leading lady, Marion Cotillard, and edgy hot co-star Ellen Page. Now, if only the plot makes sense.

The latest trailer has just been released and it shows the film talking place in a mushy, squishy world, otherwise known as the mind.

DiCaprio plays a corporate CEO who steals some technology that allows him to plant thoughts and memories in people’s minds where most of the movie supposedly takes place. Think a blend of the “Matrix” movies and 1998’s “Dark City.”

Meanwhile, the cinematography and the direction seem to be an extension of “Dark Knight.” Nolan directed that film, too, and Wally Pfister handled cinematography for both as well, so the comparisons are unavoidable.

Hans Zimmer, another “Dark Knight’ veteran also handles the music for “Inception.” Again, similarities are obvious.

But who’s complaining. “Dark Knight” was the second highest grossing movie in history, next to “Titanic,” so that makes “Inception” all the more intriguing.

The trailer shows a brief fight scene in what appears to be a hotel corridor, with the characters bouncing from the walls and ceiling, as if in another reality.

Cotillard (“La Vie en Rose,” “Public Enemies”) plays DiCaprio’s wife; Page (“Juno”) is his young grad student sidekick, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Arthur, an associate working for DiCaprio.

Ken Watanabe is the villain, a man named Saito, who is blackmailing DiCaprio’s character. Tom Hardy (“Bronson”) plays Eames, a member of DiCaprio’s team. Cillian Murphy (“Batman Begins,” “Sunshine”) plays Fischer and Michael Caine has a cameo role.