Kevin Smith’s controversial film “Red State” continues to stir up debate. Does it stink, or is it a movie that must be seen?

The indie horror film, which Smith wrote and directed, focuses on three teenagers who out for a lark, inadvertently come across a deranged fundamentalist preacher and his equally devoted followers.

The film stars Michael Parks, John Goodman, Academy-award winner Melissa Leo and Stephen Root.

Also appearing are Ralph Garman, Kevin Pollak, Kerry Bishe, Haley Ramm, Kevin Alejandro, Anna Gunn, Michael Angarano and Nicholas Braun.

The kids are lured into the cult by a woman who advertises for kinky group sex.

Preacher Abin Cooper (Parks) kidnaps the boys and uses them as examples of sinners in long-winded sermons about the world’s evils.

Earlier kidnapped victims are executed.

When an ATF agent Keenan (Goodman) discovers the true nature of the church he orders a raid that turns into an all out gun fight.

The film seems to draw its inspiration from real life cults like the Branch Davidian’s under David Koresh in Waco, Tx.

Koresh and many of his followers died in a fiery shootout with federal agents.

At the climax of the battle, strange horns begin to blare all around them out of nowhere spooking everyone.

The preacher claims its the rapture, but they turn out to have a logical explanation, and Cooper ends up is jailed in solitary confinement, where he preaches to himself as he paces his small cell.

The film was screened at Sundance and will make a limited appearance in theaters this fall.

From there it will move to Video on Demand and home video through Lionsgate.

Check out the trailer below: