Actor Joe Pesci has played in enough mob movies to know you don’t double deal. So he lowered the legal boom on Fiore Films (July 27), claiming the company reneged on his role and salary in the upcoming biopic of crime boss John Gotti Sr.

Pesci said he was promised $3 million to appear in the movie, but was later told by Fiore he was only getting $1 million because his part in the film had been cut. He plays a childhood friend of Gotti’s.

To make matters worse, Pesci claims he gained 30 pounds to play the role of a Gotti Sr. adviser, Angelo Ruggiero.

That’s a lot of pasta.

Pesci, who has played in classic mob movies such as “Goodfellas,” for which he won and Oscar, charged that the company used him to promote the movie to lure investors. Now, they want to push him out of the money.

But Fiore Chief Executive Marc Fiore countered that Pesci walked away from his original deal in a dispute over director Nick Cassavetes, according to the AP.

Pesci, Al Pacino and John Travolta were the highest profile actors attached to the film when it was first announced, and Pesci’s role was announced in April.

Shooting on the film was scheduled to begin on Jan. 3.