Daniel Radcliffe can’t seem to escape the supernatural world. After battling the demons of Hogwarts in Harry Potter, he’s now caught up in a eerie world of ghosts in a small English town.

The new trailer for his upcoming film, “The Woman in Black,” has been released and it’s got more than a few spooky twists.

Radcliffe stars with Ciarán Hinds and Janet McTeer in the adaption of a 1983 novel by Susan Hill about a menacing spectre that haunts a town on Britain’s east coast.

The story has been around the block. It was adapted into a 1987 stage play in London by Stephen Mallatratt, and then a 1989 TV movie also called “The Woman in Black.”

The play is so popular it’s still running today, the second longest on London’s West End, next to Mousetrap.

The story focuses on, Arthur Kipps (Radcliffe), a young lawyer, who travels to the small town of Crythin Gifford, for the funeral of Alice Drablow, an elderly and reclusive widow.

She lived alone in the desolate and secluded house surrounded by marshes and the sea.

At the funeral his attention is drawn to a woman dressed in black and with a pale, gaunt face, who stuns a group of children into silence.

Over the next several days, as Kipps gets Drablow’s affairs in order at the house, he is haunted by the visage of the strange woman.

He turns to the townspeople to find out more about the strange goings on at the house, but they are reluctant to help him as he unravels the mysteries of the house.

Check out the trailer below.