Kate Beckinsale makes what’s known as a grand entry in a new trailer for “Underworld: Awakenings” crashing out of a tube of fluid, totally naked and landing on the floor.

Beckinsale is back as the vampire Selene in the fourth in a series for the sci-fi movie, which is produced and directed by her husband Len Wiseman.

Michael Ealy and India Eisley have been cast in roles new to the series.

Wiseman also is back after directing the first two Underworld films.

In the trailer, Selene is seen breaking out of suspended animation, where she has been held for 12 years.

It’s a brave new world for her. Humans have finally figured out that vampires and werewolves really exist and they are hunting them down in a war against their kind.

Beckinsale, 38, looks stunning in her black, skintight catsuit and sky-blue eyes. She takes on all manner of enemies, including a pretty hairy looking monster.

The movie, like so many things, wasn’t entirely planned.

“Initially, it was conceived as a trilogy, and the third one was always going to be a prequel where I wasn’t born,” Beckinsale told Collider.com.

“Like everybody, I and Len [Wiseman] and most people who are sensible, have a slight allergy to the number four coming after a movie title because it usually means it’s s***.”

“But lately, there have been some movies that have actually taken it somewhere else. I guess we’re in a very different climate now.”

The 3D action-horror film is set to be released on Jan. 20, 2012.

Check out the trailer below: