Zack Snyder’s fantasy film “Sucker Punch,” is becoming a hit cult film now that it’s on DVD and Blu-Ray. It may join the ranks of such classics as “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” with a small but zealous fan base.

Among other things, the film, released in March, showcases a number of young Hollywood’s up and coming actors.

The cast includes Emily Browning as Babydoll, Abbie Cornish as Sweet Pea, Oscar Isaac as Blue, Jamie Chung as Amber, Vanessa Hudgens as Blondie and Jena Malone as Rocket.

The picture is set in the 1960s. Babydoll is sent to a mental hospital by her sexually abusive stepfather (Gerard Plunkett) after she is falsely blamed for her younger sister’s death.

Much of the movie takes place inside her head. She creates a dream world that provides the ultimate escape from her horrifying surroundings.

The movie’s over-arching theme is ultimately uplifting; Babydoll’s will to survive remains strong despite her predicament, and she is determined to fight for her freedom.

Some also see it as a totem to female empowerment.

But the movie was widely panned by critics, and less than half the people who saw it liked it, according to a Rotten Tomatoes survey.

As such, the film was widely judged to be a flop. Critics labeled it everything from “misogynistic,” to a “male masturbatory fantasy,” to a porn movie without the sex.

But it has done better financially than initial press on the movie claimed. Its $89 million global box office gross topped the estimated $82 million it cost to make the film, according to boxofficemojo.

And now DVD sales are adding to that tally. It’s racked up more than $8 million in sales in the eight weeks since its release in June, and it was the top-selling DVD for two straight weeks.

The film obviously had its fans, especially overseas, where it earned 60 percent of its gross. Also among its fans are the film’s stars.

Typically actors try to distance themselves from perceived bombs, but that’s not the case here.

“I feel like maybe you need to watch it again to get the more subtle emotional story that’s there,” said Browning in an interview.

“I feel as though the first time I saw the film, I wanted to see it again immediately. I was just completely blown away by the action and the visual side of it.”

Cornish shares her enthusiasm. “There are so many details in this film,” she explained.

“Some visual details are incredibly symbolic. I’ve seen it a few times and every time I see something different. It’s such an interesting film.”

“While… ‘Sucker Punch’ has taken its punches and drubbings at the hands of the critics and public punditry that influence the ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, it actually ranks high on the fun-factor and guilty-pleasure indexes,” wrote critic Josef Woodard for the Santa Barbara Independent.

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