Carey Mulligan racy nude scenes in Steve McQueen’s provocative film “Shame,” won’t be cut when the film premieres in the United States. McQueen is refusing to bow to censors and will go with an NC-17 rating.

Both Mulligan and hearthrob lead actor Michael Fassbender will appear in several scenes full-frontal naked.

The sexually provocative scenes are enough to guarantee an NC-17 rating here in the United States, according to Deadline Hollywood.

But McQueen isn’t editing it even if skittish distributors want to water down the film to an “R” rating.

Check out Shame stills; click to enlarge.

The difference is important because it could affect where the picture is shown and how many theaters carry it.

Fassbender plays Brendan, a New York office worker who is a compulsive sex addict.

“Courtship…is not crucial to Brendan’s sex life. He studies violent porn on his computers at home and at work,” writes Time’s Richard Corliss, who previewed the film at the Venice Film Festival.

“He masturbates in the shower and in the office men’s room; he enlists the services of call girls, pounding his manhood into them with expertise and, in the ferocity of his features, a hint of desperation.”

His lifestyle is upended when his needy sister, played by Mulligan, arrives and needs a place to stay.

Adds Deadline: “The first two showings of ‘Shame’ today were mixed. Some hated it and some appreciated it, but no seemed to be doing cartwheels except critics in Venice.

Beside “Shame,” Fassbender is also starring in David Cronenberg’s “A Dangerous Method,” opposite Kiera Knightley.

He plays Swiss doctor Carl Jung to Viggo Mortensen’s Sigmund Freud.

Check out this brief clip from “Shame,” and check out the newly released stills above.