Olivia Wilde believes sexy is as sexy does. She tells Allure magazine the sexiest people to her are those who are comfortable in their own skin.

“I always think the sexiest people are the people who are most comfortable in their own skin,” she says in the video portion of her interview.

“I think confidence is sexy, but a specific kind of confidence. It’s not arrogance. That’s what people pick up on when they say you are attracted to them,” she adds.

“When you are sexy you just feel comfortable in your body,” she tells the magazine.

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Not that Wilde has always been on the top of her game. Her divorce, she says, “was the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to deal with.”

She filed for divorce in March from Tao Ruspoli, a film director and Italian prince, whom she married at 18.

“I got married at a very young age, so I sort of jumped into a stage of adulthood prematurely. I learned quite a lot,” she explains.

“I gained a lot of weight after my divorce, and there was this sense of, wait, hold on, you don’t look like you did before,” she adds.

She also learned a thing or two about living a tabloid life.

Since her split, she has been linked with Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling, Chris Pine and even prizewinning author Salman Rushdie.

“Isn’t that hilarious? I mean, in order to be dating all the people they think I am, I’d need four vaginas!” the actress says. “It’s impossible!”

She also learned early about the power of sex in Hollywood. “Why are you not showing any skin?’ a casting agent asked her before she headed out for an audition early in her career.

“And I said, ‘I’m not going to sell my body to get a role; it’s about the acting.’

“She was this very powerful, wise 60-year-old woman, but at the same time aware of how this business works. And she’s like, ‘Sex sells. Go put on a tank top.’

But that wouldn’t be her advice to a young actress.

“If I could tell young actresses anything, it would be to just be yourself through and through,” she advises.

“I mean, really be hard-core about sticking to your identity, because what makes you unusual is what’s going to assure your success.”

In October, Wilde stars as the mother of Timberlake’s character in “In Time,” a film in which people stop aging at 25.

The Allure shoot was on the grounds of a Malibu house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright’s grandson.

For more, check out the October issue and take a look at her photos above and video below.