Robert Pattinson’s “Cosmopolis” co-star, Sarah Gadon, has been on a roll with roles in four films, including “A Dangerous Method” and “The Moth Diaries.” But she describes working with Rob as her most “intense” experience yet, in a new interview with Canadian television.

Gadon, 24, was born in Toronto and became an accomplished dancer before seguing into acting. At 24, she’s one of Hollywood’s rising young stars.

Pairing her with Rob, 25, in “Cosmopolis,” was a savvy move by Director David Cronenberg, who has praised both actors for their skills.

Rob also stars with Paul Giamatti, Juliette Binoche and Samantha Morton.

“To work with someone like Rob, who’s at a really interesting place in his career, and to see him work with a director like David, and the excitment and the energy, it was just a really, really cool experience.”

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Gadon says she really didn’t think about how insane working with Rob would be with all fan attention he attracts.

“It’s hard to wrap your head around something like that,” she says. “And, you really kind of don’t think about that because you’re thinking about the work and the character…

And so it didn’t really kind of hit me until we were doing our camera tests and we were in the limo together, and I looked over at Rob and said ‘This is so weird.'”

When they first got on the set in Toronto, Gadon says fans were few and far between and she said to herself, ‘Whatever, how famous is this guy, really?’

But once word got out that he was there, the set was mobbed and security had to be called in. Then you’re like, Ok Yeah, and you realize how much of a cultural phenomenon he was.”

She credits Rob with much of the attention that she got from shooting the film.

Rob plays a powerful investor who gets caught up in a bizarre series of events after he sets out in the morning in his limo to get a haircut.

Sarah plays Rob’s odd-ball wife, who doesn’t want to have sex with him because she thinks it will interfere with her ability to create “art.”

“[She] believes she shouldn’t engage in any sexual relationship while she’s creating her art, and that obviously informs her marriage,” Gadon told The Toronto Sun.

Check out her CBC interview below: