Anna Faris hit the David Letterman show to promote “What’s Your Number?” her new comedy film with Chris Evans. She had a lot to talk about, like being a fat virgin in high school.

She said her mother pushed her into acting when she was six, because she had a flair for the dramatic and she landed roles largely in commercials while growing up.

Dave couldn’t seem to pull himself away from his notes on this interview and asked her one of his canned questions about he experience acting in a frozen yogurt commercial as a kid.

“I looked like I was about eight, but in reality I was about 16, which is so embarrassing,” said the petite Faris, who is all of 5’4″ tall.

“It was this sort of fat free frozen yogurt that’s supposed to be, like, an alternative to ice cream, or whatever,” she added. “And, I was hired because I was chunky.”

You have no idea, I did not hear the end of that in high school,” she said.

In fact if you want your kid to stay a virgin, put them in headgear and put them in a fat-free frozen yogurt dairy commercial,” she said.

The “headgear” remark was in reference to the time she spent in braces.

Faris’s breakout role was the 2000 horror film comedy “Scary Movie,” which parodied the then-popular “Scream” movies.

Since then, she said, she’s become known as the queen of spoof comedy.

Her latest film, based on Karyn Bosnak book “20 Times a Lady,” is scheduled to be released on Friday (Sept. 20).

She plays Ally Darling, a Boston woman, who decides to revisit the 20 men that she had relationships with to see if one of them might be her true love. She enlists the help of her neighbor, Colin (Chris Evans).