Leonardo DiCaprio bends the rules as lawman J. Edgar Hoover and Hoover allegedly bends his gender on occasion in the new Clint Eastwood biopic about legendary FBI director.

The first trailer is out and it deals head first with rumors that Hoover led a secret life that involved a fair amount of time in women’s clothing.

The trailer also makes clear from the beginning that Hoover was a mommy’s boy who was dutiful until the very end. Judi Dench fills the role convincingly.

The trailer backs into (ahem) questions about Hoovers sexuality by portraying his close relationship with his No. 2 man in the bureau, Clyde Tolson.

Eastwood certainly has a lot of material to work with, and diCaprio will be pushed to the limit to portray all of Hoover’s many attributes and flaws.

His career as director spanned 40 years and he became more powerful than presidents.

He revolutionized law enforcement at the same time he trampled on civil rights and exercised an almost sadistic pre-occupation with the lives of politicians, celebrities and civic leaders.

Hoover had no problem investigating the personal lives of others, but jealously guarded his own.

There is apparently some controversy, however, over how far the movie will go into allegations about Hoover’s sexuality.

Eastwood told The Wall Street Journal that the script “didn’t quite go down that road.”

But screenwriter Dustin Lance Black told gay Web site AfterElton.com that his script had not been “de-gayed.”

Check out the trailer below: