Reese Witherspoon doesn’t quite qualify as a cougar, but she’s got a few good years on co-star Chris Pine, in their new movie “This Means War.”

A new trailer has been released for the rom-com about two hunky CIA agents (Pine and Tom Hardy), who both fall for Witherspoon’s character.

They employ a full arsenal of weapons to battle for her affections.

The film is another odd pairing for Witherspoon, who must feel great about repeatedly being cast against younger leading men.

She’s 35, while Pine is 31. At least Hardy is closer to her age, at 34. Typically, leading ladies are much younger than their male counterparts.

If they’re near the same age, the former usually plays the latter’s mother.

That’s what happened to Witherspoon in the 2004 movie “Vanity Fair.”

She played Robert Pattinson’s mother, then last year played his love interest in the romantic drama “Water for Elephants.”

Apparently Pattinson, who is a decade younger at 25, grew up and started shaving, just in time to be cast in “Water For Elephants,” which filmed last year.

That’s not all that’s odd about the movie. It seems like a step down for all three actors. Witherspoon’s an Oscar winner; Pine and Hardy last starred in “Star Trek.”

Chelsea Handler also co-stars. She’s apparently there, mainly to provide some levity.

Check out the trailer below. Could be fun, or could be a colossal miss.