Daniel Baldwin and wife Joanne are the latest Hollywood couple to go through a nasty divorce. It’s gotten so bad, child welfare officials swept into the family home and removed the couple’s two children.

Brother Alec Baldwin set the bar for nasty Hollywood breakups when he and wife Kim Basinger divorced in January 2001.

The case was finalized a year later, but they are still battling for custody over their daughter Ireland Eliesse Baldwin.

The incident involving Daniel Baldwin’s children took place on the same day it emerged taht the Baldwins’ divorce is back on.

Joanne filed papers earlier this month, weeks after the actor agreed to dismiss his initial petition in August.

In the divorce papers, Joanne requested sole custody of their two girls and demanded $4,000-per-month in child support.

When Daniel Baldwin initially filed for divorce in July he also requested a restraining order against Joanne.

The couple wed in 2007.

Now, Daniel’s wife has has lashed back at claims that Oregon child welfare officials removed the couple’s children over fears for their safety.

She said she agreed to let the kids stay at a friend’s home on a “voluntary basis” so she could “regroup.”

The Department of Human Services (DHS) in Oregon took the couple’s two young daughters away from the family home on Wednesday night (Oct. 19).

The kids were removed from Joanne’s guardianship and placed under the care of a family friend until the actor returned from shooting a film.

Baldwin released a statement saying the “DHS is sighting multiple potential improprieties and the children’s welfare as reasons for this action.”

However, Joanne insists the stress of the publicity surrounding the breakdown of her marriage made her agree with officials that her children should stay with friends and their father until Sunday (Oct. 23).

“In response to the inflammatory claims made against me, yet again, I would like to say that there has not been a forced removal of my children from my home,” she said in a statement to E! Online.

“The DHS has been involved with our case because of the original false restraint that had been filed against me back in July.

“I have been under a lot of duress during all of the media coverage, defamation of character, and Daniel being out of town for weeks on end.

“After expressing myself to the DHS, they asked me, and I agreed on a voluntary basis, if the girls should stay with our friends for a couple of days so I could have some time to regroup.

“There has been no custody awarded to any party as of yet, until we go to court. The girls are at my home spending time with their father, until I return on Sunday.”