Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart get hot and heavy in one of most widely anticipated scenes of “Breaking Dawn, Part 1,” Bella’s and Edward’s honeymoon! A clip is out showing juicy tidbits.

The debut of the latest in the “Twilight” series is due in about two weeks, and promotion is running hot and hard.

Robert and co-star Ashley Greene were recently in Paris for the film’s premiere there, and will be making other stops as the release date draws near.

To keep the appetites (no pun intended) of Twihards whetted, Summit Entertainment has also been releasing new clips from the movie.

This one aired on Access Hollywood, and takes viewers inside the honeymoon hotel suite in Brazil.

It’s classic “Twilight.” Edward, ever the gentleman, helps Bella through an awkward moment after they have arrived.

He sweeps Bella off her feet and carries her across the threshold. Remember Edward is more than 100 years old and a bit old fashioned in his ways.

“Is this totally necessary,” Bella says, as Edward sways her in his arms.

“I’m nothing if not traditional,” he replies.

The next scene shows Bella and Edward tentatively circling the huge bed.

Edward knows how to break the ice, he invites Bella to go for a swim. Of course, they get naked!

It’s one of the most touching scenes in the movie and is in sharp contrast to some of the crazy action scenes that follow.

The movie will be in theaters on Nov. 18. In the meantime, check out the clip below.