sean-penn-haiti Actor Sean Penn has taken on a new role as international diplomat. He’s advising President Obama to keep military troops in Haiti for the foreseeable future to keep the earthquake ravaged country stabilized.

“Right now you have a million displaced people. I would say 750,000 are in dire need of either medical aid or food and almost all in terms of shelter,” Penn told CNN host Larry King.

“I think this is the most noble mission likely that the United States military has been involved in since Wor ld War II, but I support the military in right wars or unright wars.

“In this instance, this is the most efficient force in the country. And I would plead to our president that he keeps the United States military there for longer than I understand is currently planned,” he said.

Looting in the capital Port-au-Prince has been widespread since the disaster, and U.S. troops were rushed in to re-establish order.

General Douglas Fraser said earlier this month that the need for the military has decreased”.

Penn said he plans to return to Haiti to continue working on relief efforts. He calls the situation there “the Apocalypse.”

The actor toured the Caribbean nation last month with John Edwards to hand out food and supplies to the survivors of the Jan. 12 disaster.

After surveying the extent of the devastation, he set up the Jenkins-Penn Haitian Relief Organization (JPHRO) to raise more aid and money for relief efforts.

Penn also warned that the rainy season, just two weeks away, will add to the nation’s grief.

“This is the Apocalypse. This is like (the effects of nuclear disaster) Hiroshima. The devastation there is on a level like nothing anyone that I’ve spoken to has ever seen,” he said on the CNN talk show.

“We’re within two weeks from the rainy season. So what has to happen in the next two weeks… is to try to relocate as many as possible. People are going to die in mass if we don’t get those camps closed.”
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