Steven Spielberg has done the impossible in Hollywood. He’s filmed an epic sized motion picture on a indie size budget. The result is “War Horse,” filmed with more than 5,800 extras and 300 horses over a 63-day shoot.

The film focuses on a Joey, a British horse that is drafted into the army during World War I.

Albert Narracott (Jeremy Irvine), a young Englishman, has raised the horse from birth and sets out to find him while the war rages around him.

It’s an uplifting family movie set against the backdrop of terrible carnage.

“What was irresistible for me had nothing to do with global war,” Spielberg told The Hollywood Reporter.

“It was how Joey linked disparate characters together and the length to which Albert went to find him.”

The movie is based on a children’s novel by British author Michael Morpurgo, published in the United Kingdom in 1982.

The book was successfully adapted for a stageplay by Nick Stafford in 2007.

The new trailer is slightly out of the ordinary. The actors are called on to talk about the film.

The movie opens Dec. 25. Check out the video below.