Paz de la Huerta kicks up a whirlwind wherever she goes, but looks so sexy and vulnerable in the latest issue of Spanish weekly S. Moda, wearing nothing but fur and lingerie.

Paz landed in hot water just before Thanksgiving when she inadvertently let slip a major plot development in the season finale of HBO’s gangster series “Boardwalk Empire,” which airs this Sunday (Dec. 11)

Paz’s character Lucy Danziger is under the thumb of FBI agent Nelson Van Alden. She’s forced to turn to prostitution after Nucky threw her over as his mistress at the end of Season One.

Check out Paz’s photos; click to enlarge.

Nelson has the misfortune to get her pregnant, so he coops her up in his rooming house and pays her to stay there until she has the baby.

It’s a golden coffin as far as Lucy’s concerned. She passes the time swilling bootleg booze, smoking cigarettes and contemplating suicide, or worse, infanticide.

As it turns out (spoiler alert!), de la Huerta was at a launch party for jewelry line Y&J Multiplicity by Robert Verdi in New York when a fan asked her for a head’s up on the finale, according to The New York Post.

Paz casually remarked that Danziger’s baby dies. Oops!

A rep for HBO declined to comment “on plot points or story lines.”

In real life, Paz has had her own share of ups and downs, including barroom brawls, misdemeanor criminal charges and loopy behavior at a Golden Globes party.

But she knows how to turn it on for the camera.

She covers the Dec. 3 issue of the Spanish magazine in sexy poses for photographer Eric Guillemain.

She wears Versace, Mango and Triumph for her boudoir session.

Lucy Danziger never had it so good. Check out her photos.