The drumbeat continues for the “Amazing Spider-Man” reboot with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, even though the film won’t hit the big screen until summer. Columbia Pictures dropped reminder, a new poster of the webslinger.

The theme is dark and portrays Spider Man as a loner.

Click the photo to see it supersized!

He’s perched high up in the corner of two brick walls in his civvies, but casting a very long shadow of a spider.

The fourth Columbia film, directed by Marc Webb, will be a total departure from the three previous Sam Raimi-directed movies.

The films, starring Toby McGuire, Willem Defoe, James Franco and Kirsten Dunst, were unqualified hits.

The new film goes back to square one and shows hero Peter Parker developing his super powers in high school, after being bitten by a radioactive spider.

The movie also stars Martin Sheen as Ben Parker, Peter’s uncle and Sally Field as May Parker, his aunt.

Spidey will be facing off this time against the The Lizard.

The film will debut in July 2012.