Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel sing a sweet two-part harmony on Nancy Wilson’s “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve.” Why aren’t they dating? Oh… that’s right Scarlett Johansson.

Deschanel, who recently split from husband Ben Gibbard, frontman for Death Cab for Cutie, posted a video of the duet on her Web site, HelloGiggles. Beside acting, Deschanel plays off-again, on again in a band.

“I have known Joe Gordon-Levitt for going on 12 years,” Deschanel wrote introducing the video. “We first met in the summer of 2000 while doing a tiny movie called ‘Manic,’ where we bonded over a mutual appreciation for Harry Nilsson and Nina Simone and I have been lucky enough to call him one of my dearest friends ever since.

“When we did ‘500 Days of Summer’ 8 years later, we spent every lunch hour dancing to Marvin Gaye in the hair and make up trailer; we had loads of fun.

“I hope to do a thousand more movies with him because he’s simply the best. But in the meantime, we made a little New Year’s duet for all of you! The original by Nancy Wilson. ENJOY! Don’t forget to check out Joe’s web site hitrecord.

Deschanel, 31 and Gibbard, 35, went to the Emmys together in September and appeared happy,” according to People. They wed in 2009.

Zooey currently stars as a single women “finding her way” in her late 20s in “New Girl,” a Fox sitcom. The series returns Jan. 17.

Gordon-Levitt is reportedly dating Johansson. He has three new movies in the works, including “Dark Knight Rises.”

Check out their video below.