Tina Fey knows how to send a message. After her interview with David Letterman, the “30 Rock” star left a calling card on Dave’s car. She goes to work on it with a baseball bat.

The scene was a spoof, of course, but Fey knows how to swing a baseball bat. She cracks the car’s windshield with one blow.

The show is taped in the afternoon for airing later that night. No, Dave doesn’t stay up late for his show.

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Fey is caught on camera leaving the stage entrance to Dave’s Late Show studio, the famed Ed Sullivan Theater, on Broadway in New York City.

The 41-year-old actress was decked out in high heels and a skimpy black cocktail dress, but that didn’t stop her from whacking the car.

As the camera picks up Fey, Dave and band leader Paul Schaffer make small talk, commenting on the star. Fey pauses when she sees the car.

She looks around and spies a dumpster. She walks over, fishes around and finds a baseball bat. What a coincidence!

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“What is she doing?” Dave says in mock surprise. Tina! Can she hear me?”

“Get away from the dumpster. There she is at the dumpster,” he continues. When he sees her with the bat, Dave sighs “Oh noooo…”

Fey gives the car six solid whacks. “Oh come on now, this is not funny!” Letterman feigns.

Fey was on the show to promote the return of her NBC show “30 Rock,” which premieres Jan. 12. Check out the video below and her interview.