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Miley Cyrus Mixed Up, Sexed UP in LOL (New Trailer)

Miley Cyrus doesn’t have to stray too far from real life for her upcoming movie “LOL: Laughing Out Loud.” She plays a rebellious teen (what else?) who gives single mom, played by Demi Moore, fits, according to a new trailer.

Miley may want to play more adult roles, but this film is clearly aimed at her teen base. It’s the first generation to grow up with social media like Twitter, Facebook and texting.

If the name wasn’t a tip off, Director Liz Azuelos loads up the film with social media moments. Cyrus spends much of her time texting (and sexting?) in the movie.

Miley plays high-school teen Lola on the edge of 18. Lola no stranger to the trend. In fact, neither is Miley in real life.

Miley Cyrus Shockingly Thinner

She became notorious after sexy photos of her leaked onto the Internet from her private email account, courtesy of a hacker. Not even the movie matches that.

The trailer opens with various shots of Miley, including one where she introduces herself. “Everyone calls me Lol,” she says, revealing a twist on the movie’s name.

The voice-over sets the scene. “She’s at the special age when hearts are broken.”

Miley Cyrus Lashes Out at Rude Fan

Then, Miley delivers the line that has come to characterize her generation. “You didn’t call or text me,” she says in an apparent love spat with a boy.

Lola succumbs to partying, her grades slip and mom finally grounds her. At the suggestion of her boyfriend, she jumps on a plane to Paris, and gasp, loses her virginity.

“It’s pretty gnarly,” Cryus told Reuters. “It is about a daughter who is involved with all the wrong kids, doing drugs, failing school, but the mother has her on this perfect pedestal. I just fell in love with the story.”

Miley didn’t have to stray too far to play this part. The character is more like her than she may realize.

Check out the trailer below:

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