Brad Pitt had a blast making his new film “Moneyball.” A blooper clip from the DVD has gone viral and shows the 47-year-old actor with an uncontrollable case of the giggles as Jonah Hill tries to deliver a line.

“Oh dear! Dear God,” Brad says at one point through uncontrollable laughing.

Hill chimes in “Ok, deadly serious.”

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But sometimes you just can’t get the lines out. Obviously, Pitt, at some point, was able to get a hold of himself and finish the scene. Otherwise, there would be no movie.

But he struggled with it throughout the nearly three minute clip. The scene unfolds in an office during a meeting involving his character, Oakland Athletics’ general manager Billy Beane. Hill played General Manager Peter Brand, actually a fictional character.

In the movie, Beane faces an exodus of star players like Johnny Damon and Jason Giambi, after Oakland loses to the big-budget New York Yankees in the 2001 postseason playoffs. The team has no money to pay high-priced free agents, so Beane sets out to find some other way to build his team.

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Beane meets Brand, a young Yale economics graduate, during a visit to the Cleveland Indians. Brand tells him his unorthodox method of assessing major league talent, and Beane is impressed enough to hire him.

Together they set out to rebuild the Athletics. The film is funny and bittersweet as Beane and Brand run into institutional resistance within the team’s organization. Beane’s strategy ultimately triumphs and his team of rag-tag players make it to the playoffs again.

More importantly, his brand of baseball is adopted by other teams, and the Boston Redsox will the World Series with it in 2004. Pitt has been nominated for a Golden Globe, and is high on the list of potential Oscar nominees.

The film was nearly universally embraced by critics. It score a 95 percent rating on review tracking Web site rottentomatoes. The film has grossed just over $105 million worldwide, against a budget of $50 million, according to boxofficemojo.

Check out the video and a trailer from the movie below: