“Twilight” beauty Kristen Stewart has landed in Paris amid speculation she is there to talk about the upcoming Cannes Film Festival. Her picture “On the Road,” is also being talked about as an opener for the Festival.

Stewart has been keeping a low profile since shooting ended on her latest film “Snow White and The Huntsman.” She has no other pictures lined up and is said to be taking time off after her hectic filming schedule last year.

“On the Road,” based on the Beat Generation book by Jack Kerouac, has an all-star cast that includes Sam Riley as Kerouac’s title character Sal Paradise and Garrett Hedlund as sidekick Dean Moriarity, who is based on Kerouac pal Neal Cassady.

Stewart will play Mary Lou, Dean’s wife and Kirsten Dunst plays Camille, Dean’s second wife. Viggo Mortensen, Amy Adams and Robert Pattinson pal Tom Stiridge are also in the cast.

Stewart reportedly does a topless scene in the movie, but as yet the reports are unconfirmed.

Editing on the film has finally wrapped up more than a year after filming was completed, according to Variety, which kicked off the Cannes rumor. “OTR is finished. Took 1 year to edit, and is very, very good. According to a discerning and in-the-know viewer, it’s so good that it would not be a stretch to see it open Cannes,” Tweeted film editor Josh Dickey.

“Producers are thrilled with the result & eager to at least have it there,” he added. The film festival takes place in May.

Stewart was dressed down and traveling without boyfriend Robert Pattinson when she arrived at Roissy airport accompanied by a bodyguard. While she has no films lined up Stewart will have a busy year promoting three films already in the can.

Her latest film, Snow White And The Huntsman,” with Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth is slated to open in June. She was spotted in LA shooting promotion photos with the cast.

Then, in November, the last of the “Twilight” films, “Breaking Dawn, Part 2” will open.