tron-legacy“Tron Legacy,” sequel to the classic 1982 science-fiction film, will attempt to cash in on the 3-D craze launched by “Avatar” and “Alice in Wonderland.” Judging from the new trailer, it will be a wild, techno-punk ride that can only be likened to Disney World’s Space Mountain on acid.

“Tron” veteran Alan Bradley, played by Bruce Boxleitner, returns to tell young Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) that he’s received a signal from Sam’s missing father, Kevin, played by Jeff Bridges.

Bridges just won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in country western movie “Crazy Heart.”

Kevin, a computer-programming protagonist in the first film, has a secret, and Sam figures it out after visiting his father’s old arcade.

After discovering his dad’s workroom, Same is drawn into a digital world of brutal competitions and ruthless combatants.

He dons the white-and-blue uniform of his father and eventually encounters a broken man from the distant past.

The trailer, which offers the first real preview of characters played by Hedlund and Olivia Wilde is being screened in theaters before Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” on 3-D, IMAX and regular screens.

“When you make a movie, you can only make the movie that you would want to see,” “Tron Legacy” director Joseph Kosinski told MTV News.

“For me, it was taking what I loved about the first film, which was the design elements that Syd Mead and Moebius [a.k.a. Jean Giraud] did, which I feel is timeless, and extrapolate it forward 28 years.

“We’re saying in the world of the computer, it’s been thousands of years and it has evolved,” he explained.

“Tron Legacy” hits theaters nationwide on December 17, 2010.