Chloe Sevigny was a fashion icon before she became a film star and she’s still setting trends in both industries. She fronts for Korean label Tomboy’s Spring 2012 line in an androgynous clothes that only she can make look feminine.

Sevigny, the darling of the downtown set in Manhattan, has been setting trends since she was a teen. Her twin interests were acting and fashion as a child. She would often play dress up in clothes her mother bought for her at second hand shops. She calls her tastes “instinctual.”

She moved to New York at 18, and her eclectic style caught the eye of a fashion editor for Sassy magazine one day on a downtown street in 1993.

Chloe Sevigny: Downtown Hipster Style (Click Photos to Enlarge!)

She began modeling for edgy fashion labels like X-girl, designed by Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth.

During that time, author Jay McInerney dubbed her the new “it-girl” in an article for The New Yorker magazine. She landed a role in the controversial 1995 low-budget independent film “Kids” and her career as an art-house doyenne was launched.

After starring in a series of independent films that were critically acclaimed if not commercially succesful, such as “Gummo” in 1997, “Palmetto” with Woody Harrelson and “The Last Days of Disco,” with Kate Beckinsale, both in 1998, she scored a breakthrough role.

Sevigny was cast in the independent 1999 drama “Boys Don’t Cry” with Hillary Swank. She won critical raves for the film and Best Supporting Actress nominations for both an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award.

Her most controversial role as the lead female in Vincent Gallo’s 2003 indie film “The Brown Bunny,” drew both scorn and high praise for her scene, performing fellatio on co-star and director Gallo. In the end, it cemented her as the hippest indie actor on the planet.

She continues to live in the East Village in New York and split her time in Los Angeles during her four-season run on the hit HBO show “Big Love,” with Bill Paxton, about living in a polygamous Mormon family.

Her eye for fashion and her obsession with vintage clothing has made her sought out by a number of top designers, and she’s collaborated on several lines. For Tomboy, Chloe is styled by Dianna Lunt and caught by photographer Daniel Jackson in androgynous sportswear.

Check out her photos and video below: