Kristen Stewart was in the spotlight as Bella Swan during the the wedding scene with Robert Pattinson in Breaking Dawn Part 1. Director Bill Condon reveals how he filmed the penultimate scene in a new video.

The behind the scenes Breaking Dawn video is part of the DVD package. It went viral today and provides some new insights into the scene that captured the imagination of Twilight fans.

To date, “Breaking Dawn Part 1” has grossed $701 million in ticket sales, making it the second most popular films in the four-part series.

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“Twilight” first burst onto the scene in 2008. It’s almost tied with the series leader, “New Moon,” which grossed $709 million.

The Wedding scene in Breaking Dawn was one of the biggest in the movie, and Condon said he wanted to make sure viewers got the full experience. He said he went beyond shooting it in real time and filmed it in “suspended time.”

The clip shows grips preparing the scene by strewing flower petals on the walkway where Bella will descend to the altar, where Edward is waiting.

“I thought the central thing about the wedding was to experience it as Bella would,” the director said. “This section of the film is not told in the same shorthand that most movies are made in these days.”

It’s not just real time here, it’s suspended time,” he said. As long as we can really feel everything she is going through as she’s waiting for, as she walks down that aisle and as she gets to Robert. Then, I thought it would be a satisfying experience”

“It just felt so real,” Kristen said. “It felt so cool.”

Kristen said she cried during the wedding scene. “I was nervous for the wedding scene. When I looked at the set, with the pews and the lights, and I could see everyone there in their outfits, I cried. It felt incredibly ceremonial. It felt like a real wedding,” she told the UK edition of GQ magazine.

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