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Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Extended Wedding Video Out (watch!)

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart talked about getting married through three “Twilight” movies. When wedding day finally arrived, it had to be special. Here’s how it all happened.

A teaser video was released detailing behind-the-scenes action surrounding the wedding from the new “Breaking Dawn, Part 1” DVD. But now the full 12:34 featurette has gone viral on the Internet with even more detail.

Director Bill Condon leads off the discussion about how he filmed the penultimate scene in the video. But the extended featurette also includes commentary from Rob, Kristen, Ashley Greene, Production Designer Richard Sherman and Co-Producer Bill Bannerman and Costume Designer Michael Wilkinson.

One thing was clear, the producers didn’t want the wedding to look like any other wedding. So the question came up: “What if it was part of the forest?” That made huge sense given the Cullen clan’s relationship with the land.

“We wanted it to be very organic, to be part of the forest,” says Set Designer Jan Blackie-Goodine.

The extended video also provides some new insights into the creation of Bella’s wedding dress as well as other clothes worn by the wedding guests.

Twilight series author Stephanie Meyer had very specific ideas and details that she described in the books, and designer Carolina Herrera used those as a guide.

“I saw an inspiration, a little bit from the 1920s,” Herrera says. “But it has to be for now.”

To date, “Breaking Dawn Part 1” has grossed $701 million in ticket sales, making it the second most popular films in the four-part series. It’s almost tied with the series leader, “New Moon,” which grossed $709 million.

The Wedding scene in Breaking Dawn was one of the biggest in the movie, and Condon said he wanted to make sure viewers got the full experience. He said he went beyond shooting it in real time and filmed it in “suspended time.”

“I thought the central thing about the wedding was to experience it as Bella would,” the director said. “This section of the film is not told in the same shorthand that most movies are made in these days.”

It’s not just real time here, it’s suspended time,” he said. As long as we can really feel everything she is going through as she’s waiting for, as she walks down that aisle and as she gets to Robert. Then, I thought it would be a satisfying experience”

“It just felt so real,” Kristen said. “It felt so cool.”

The DVD and Blu-ray sets will be released Feb. 11. You can pre-order your copy through TheImproper at by clicking the link at left. The two-disc DVD set sells for $30.99 retail, but you can buy it for $19.99 by pre-ordering it now at a 35 percent discount.

Check out the full extended behind-the-scenes clip; Click to watch.

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