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Jeremy Renner Subs for Matt Damon in Bourne Legacy (watch!)

Matt Damon is gone, but Jeremy Renner tries to pick up where he left off in the latest in the “Bourne” film series. Judging from a new trailer, Renner doesn’t miss a beat. He looks right for the part.

Damon starred in the first three films, “The Bourne Identity (2002)” “The Bourne Supremacy (2004)” and “The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)” as Jason Bourne.

But producers were left in a quandary when he dropped out of the planned fourth film.

They picked up Renner for “The Bourne Legacy” and also picked up right where they previous film (Ultimatum) left off. Ironically, Renner doesn’t play Damon’s character Jason Bourne. He’s Bourne-like agent Aaron Cross.

Damon has indicated he would return to the series as Bourne if director Paul Greengrass returns. Greengrass dropped out of the fourth film, and Damon followed him. Tony Gilroy directs what’s being called a “sidequel” or spin-off film.

The “Identity” cast includes some new and return characters. Rachel Weisz plays Stephanie Snyder and Joan Allen returns as Pam Landy. Edward Norton joins the film. Scott Glenn, Stacy Keach and Oscar Isaac also star.

The trailer has a unique opening setting up Renner’s character, as the film undoubtedly must do as well. Once the clip gets rolling, however, it’s jam packed with action scenes. Check it out below.

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