Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and other teen celebrities rapidly loading up on tattoos, but Kristen Bell takes the Hollywood fashion statement to an extreme. She does a hilarious spoof on her 214 tattoos, from Chinese symbols to (ugh) tribal bands.

The parody, a new Funny or Die sketch, is based on an interview with Bell. She walks the interviewer through her many tattoos, including 72 butterflies, representing each year of Apartheid in South Africa.

“Each piece of art represents something different,” she says. “Tas here, represents a whirlwind past relationship,” she explains, pointing to a forearm tat of the cartoon character.

Bell, 31, plays as if she’s about to go on set. A team of makeup artists hover around her getting ready to cover over all of her tattoos. It takes 12 to 14 hours, one artist laments. Once it took 15 hours, Bell chirps in.

“Not a lot of people know this about me; it’s a little trade secret from a Hollywood sandbox,” Bell says. “The process of getting into character takes a little bit longer for me than most other actors.”

She gives a guided tour of her tattoos and explains their meaning. Under her chin, she has an arrow with the words “Insert gear here.” It’s a dick joke, she notes.

As for the the tribal band on her wrist, well that’s one she regrets. It’s “kind of out dated.”

Stars like Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox have gone through a painful laser process to remove tattoos. Of course there was a day when you were branded rough trade for sporting tattoos. But now every clerk and jerk has one.

Yet celebrities keep lining up for them. Miley has seven tattoos. Bieber has three tattoos.