Amanda Seyfried is one of the hardest working women in Hollywood at the moment. She’ll appear in five films this year, the first of which is “Gone.” The thriller is previewed in a new teaser, and Seyfried is hopping mad.

In the film, Seyfried plays Jill Parish, whose sister goes missing. She thinks sis, Molly, played by Emily Wickersham, is abducted by a serial killer whom she escaped after being kidnapped two years before.

Seyfried’s character argues heatedly with the police, trying to convince them that the same fate has befallen her sister. She has no choice but to set out and find her sister herself and track down the killer.

Directed by Heitor Dhalia, and written by Allison Burnett, the film also stars are Jennifer Carpenter, Wes Bentley, Sebastian Stan, Socratis Otto and Erin Carufel. The film will hit theaters Feb, 24.

Seyfried, 26, also has intriguing roles in “The Wedding,” “The End of Love,” “Lovelace” and “Les Miserables.”The first two are in post-production and she’s filming “Lovelace.” “Les Miserables” is in pre-production and will film later this year.

Check out her “Gone” trailer below: