Halle Berry gets plenty of bikini time in her new movie “Dark Tide.” She stars with boyfriend Oliver Martinez in a story about confronting fears, or in this case great white sharks, according to a newly released trailer.

Berry, 45, plays Kate Mathieson, once renowned for swimming with Great White Sharks. But she can’t bear to get near them again in the open ocean after the death of her mentor in a fatal encounter.

Her old partner and boyfriend, Jeff (Martinez) shows up. He’s a struggling boat captain with the bank breathing down his neck. He lands a dream client who wants to pay big euros if he can swim among great whites in the ocean.

He calls on Kate to take him there, even though it’s been almost 10 years since the fatal accident. Berry is featured in the clip wearing a skimpy print bikini and a body-hugging wet suit.

She spent six weeks in False Bay, Cape Town, South Africa, filming with real sharks, before wrapping the film in studios in London. Call the film a cross between “Jaws” and ’50s television drama “Sea Hunt.”

Berry met Martinez while shooting the film in 2010 and the two have been dating ever since. But catching the film may be a bit tricky. It will reportedly only get a limited release before heading to DVD and On Demand cable.

Check out the trailer below.