Robert Pattinson could really see himself as a journalist. After playing one in his latest film “Bel Ami,” he says he kind of likes the idea, especially when it comes to gossip. But his character is more like a 19th century reality TV star.

As one of the most gossiped about stars in Hollywood, thanks to his secretive relationship with Kristen Stewart and his role in “Twilight,” it seems like an odd observation. But he sees intriguing parallels with today.

“To work as a journalist? It’s funny. I kind of like the idea, especially when he gets into the gossip section of the newspaper,” he said during a news conference today (Feb. 17) at the Berlin Film Festival.

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“Something that was written in … 1885, for it to be the exact same situation as it is now, where you have a template article and you just replace the name and it could be about anybody, I thought that was really funny,” he explained.

But his character in the movie, Georges Duroy, a social climber, who seduces society women to get a head, is “not really a journalist,” he said. “It’s basically like being a reality TV star now,” he explained.

Hummmmm… could he mean Kim Kardashian?

The parallels are striking when you think about it. Kim gained notoriety for a scandalous sex tape. She used that to leverage her way into entertainment and became a pop culture icon through a string of sexual liaisons with high profile men.

Duroy, who like Kim had virtually no talent for anything, but still got ahead. “He found a loophole in life where he could get money and a reputation by basically doing nothing. It was fun; it was interesting,” he said.

And, Kim does the same thing. She got money and a reputation by basically doing nothing, but living her life in front of cameras.

The suave Duroy charms almost every female in the fim, including the young daughter of his mistress, Clotilde (Christina Ricci). The pre-teen gives him the nickname “Bel Ami.”

Kardashian has also leveraged her sexuality to advance a whole range of money making schemes from diet pills to perfumes and clothes.

When Pattinson agreed to do the film, there was some concern whether the 19th century period drama would connect with young contemporary audiences. But the parallels are pretty clear now. Kim, like Georges, is also ruthless and manipulating.

Co-Director Declan Donnellan also sees a direct connection. “’Bel Ami’ is about somebody who has very little talent, who gets to the top on no talent, and it’s a great parable for our times,” he said.