Lena Dunham says she grew up on HBO’s “Sex and the City.” But the reality of living in New York City is far different for most twenty-something girls. She draws on her experience for HBO’s new series “Girls.”

Dunham 25, has been considered somewhat of a prodigy after her 2009 feature film, “Tiny Furniture,” won for Best Narrative Feature at the South-by-Southwest Music and Media Conference. She spent $25,000 shooting it.

HBO green lit her series “Girls” last year and Judd Apatow and Jenni Konner joined her as executive producers. The first trailer debuted today (Feb. 21).

Dunham not only writes and directs the series, she also stars as its lead character. She shrewdly tapped the celebrity circuit for co-stars Allison Williams, daughter of NBC’s Brian Williams and Zosia Mamet, daughter of playwright and essayist David Mamet.

It’s safe to assume from Apatow’s involvement that “Girls” will be filled with those little ironic moments. Hopefully, it will be more “Bridesmaids” and less “Funny People” and “The Cable Guy.”

In fact it will be interesting to see just how much influence he has on the show. Judging from the new trailer, the jury is still out on who’s really calling the plot lines.

Conceptually, “Girls” focuses on the real world of twenty-somethings struggling with internships, entry-level jobs and bad relationships in a city that can be soul-killing for anyone without a trust fund.

In one of the seminal lines from the trailer, Dunham’s character does the rough calculus of survival. “I calculated, and I can last in New York for three and a half more days,” she says. “Maybe seven if I don’t eat lunch.”

It supposedly will deflate the “Sex and the City” myth that New York is automatically a place where you have a great boyfriend, great job and an Manhattan apartment with “an elegant shoe closet.”

Girls premieres April 15. Check out the trailer below.