Courtney has Ben by the hair. Does she have him under her thumb?

Ben Flajnik can’t seem to get Courtney Robertson out of his mind. But who’s zooming who? Courtney appears to be in control on last night’s “The Bachelor,” and won the rose. But is Ben setting her up for a fall?

Ben has already done the meet-the-parents thing with three different women, all of whom he said he was ready to take to the next level. Maybe some more hottub shenanigans will help make up his mind now that he’s narrowed the list.

“Bachelor” host Chris Harrison offers his own take on the latest dynamic. He thinks Courtney has figured out how to “turn the situation around” because she’s figured out how to warm up Ben’s ice-cold heart.

“There is one thing I noticed again this week concerning Courtney and Ben,” Chris wrote on his EW blog. “Courtney continues to turn the situation around, giving her the power position.”

Ben even blew off a warning from Kacie Boguskie, who showed up in Switzerland “seeking closure” after being eliminated last week. She told Ben she thinks Courtney is a heartbreaker. But if that’s the best she could come up with, no wonder Ben wasn’t convinced.

“I didn’t see that coming at all,” she said. “It’s hard for me to get that out of my mind.”

“For me, I kind felt like we were worlds apart,” Ben replied. “Did I see you in the end? No. And the last thing I wanted to do was drag it out longer for you. That was my way of protecting you.” Awe…

Forget Ben’s heart, is Courtney doing a better job of playing to Ben’s ego? “For example, this week while the other two women chose to accept the fantasy suite, Courtney turned the tables and asked Ben to accept,” Harrison noted, fueling the possibility. “These things are very subtle, but it’s a defense mechanism of hers she’s used several times with him.

“Ben left that date feeling good about Courtney and their relationship,” Harrison added. In the end, Courtney got what she wanted, the rose. That puts her in the final with Lindzi Cox.

So where did Nicki Sterling go wrong? Maybe she was too nice… and a little too honest. Ben definitely gave her a gentle send-off. “I cried a little bit today, I’m not gonna lie,” he told her. “But I started to have doubts.”

“I fell in love with you, I don’t regret that,” she replied. “If anything, my fear is that you’ll be hurt one day and I hope that’s not the case. And I hope I’m proved wrong.”