Kristen Stewart takes center stage in a new trailer of “Snow White and the Huntsman,” introduced by Chris Hemsworth, who plays the huntsman. There are even scenes of her all cleaned up and looking very princess-like.

The film is a darker more realistic take on the classic Grimm fairy tale that most people know from the quaint Disney animated classic.

But Stewart and co-star Charlize Theron are both charged up about the film because it includes two strong female characters.

“You want to join the cause – I believed in it so much,” Stewart said. “It’s an action movie that had a reason. It never felt like it was a movie where it’s trying to have a strong girl character.”

The 2:34 clip has some footage from previous trailers and teasers mixed in with several new scenes. They are mostly fight sequences, except for a few quick shots of Kristen in a beautiful wooded setting.

The trailer also hints at some on-screen nudity. Theron is shown topless as the evil queen from the side as well as the back, but all of her private parts are suitable covered. It’s hard to believe the film is PG-13 rated with all of the violence.

But Theron said it is safe for a five-year-old to watch. “It’s a cautionary tale,” she told Matt Lauer on the Today Show. “You want your five-year-old to turn out like Snow White and NOT like the evil queen.”

Stewart, who did most of her own stunts, is shown jumping into the sea in one familiar shot. The clip also features more of Kristen trying to speak with an English accent. Maybe she had some help on that from boyfriend Robert Pattinson.

Check out the new trailer below: