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Robert Pattinson Breaks Hearts in New Bel Ami Trailer (Watch)

Robert Pattinson is all about seduction as Georges Deroy and his slick moves are featured in the new domestic trailer for “Bel Ami,” his erotic 19th Century period drama with Christina Ricci, Kristen Scott Thomas, Uma Thurman and Holliday Grainger.

The big-screen adaptation of Guy de Maupassant’s steamy novel is all-about a social climbing.

Rob’s rogue character seduces his way to the top of Parisian society, bedding one wealthy socialite after another. His end-justifies-the-means morality is ruthlessly played out on his feckless, bored beauties.

The trailer shows a number of scenes that were contained in the international trailer. But a few new shots of Rob appear in this trailer as well.

He’s shown not only seducing women, but also breaking their hearts.

Check out Rob’s photos; click to enlarge.

Rob certainly has the pick of some pretty hot women, and cuts a wide swath in the movie. He said he relished the role precisely because it’s the first time he got to play an evil character.

Despite the all-star cast, the film reviews have been mixed coming off showings in Berlin and the Glasgow Film Festival. The picture currently has a 43 percent rating on rottentomatoes, a Web site that tracks reviews.

“For a heritage picture, Bel Ami looks awfully like a video-booth diary with the flattering luminosity of Vaseline on the lens,” wrote Tara Brady in The Irish Times.

“Georges is nowhere near likeable enough to make us enjoy his successes, and by the end he’s no more corrupt than he was at the start,” wrote Christopher Tookey, of London’s Daily Mail.

Audiences have been much kinder. Of those who’ve seen the film, 88 percent recommend it.

The film had its world premiere out of competition at the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival in February.

Domestically, the company plans to release the “R” rated picture domestically through Video on Demand on May 4. It will follow with a limited theatrical release on June 8.

Rob looks absolutely rakish, and his leading ladies are all juicy plums ripe for the picking. Check out the video below and the hot new movie stills above.

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