Olivia Wilde Modern LuxurySexy Olivia Wilde is being paired with Liam Neeson, who is old enough to be her father, in the Paul Haggis directed film “Third Person.” Only in Hollywood, where men still call the shots.

Wilde will make stunning eye-candy in the movie.

She was recently photographed by Markus and Indrani for Modern Luxury magazine. She looked stunning in Grecian style gowns for spring, with piercing blue eyes and lush curls.

Whether the 31-year age gap between her and Neeson is credible or creepy remains to be seen. The movie is about three love stories in three different cities, New York, Paris and Rome.

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Maybe Europe hasn’t quite caught up with the trend yet. Wilde and Neeson will play the New York couple. She plays a journalist; his role is still undefined.

He probably will be a filthy rich banker. They’re most likely to have a young mistress on their arm in New York.

Wilde certainly has the sophistication and smarts to pull off the part. Her mother is a producer for CBS’s news show “60 Minutes.”

Her father, Andrew Cockburn and two uncles are also journalists. And, sister, Chloe Cockburn, is a civil rights attorney in New York.

A more likely pairing, however, would be a hot older woman with a young boy toy. That’s really where Hollywood’s leading ladies are at these days in their personal lives.

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, of course, were the most obvious example, even though their marriage imploded.

Celebrities from Madonna to Jennifer Lopez are shacking up with men half their age. Eva Longoria, 36, was dating 26-year-old, Eduardo Cruz. Kim Cattrall dated chef Alan Wyse, 20 years her junior.

Bo Derek and “Sex and the City’s” John Corbett are seven years apart. And the list goes on. When will Hollywood make that movie?

Check out Olivia’s photos.