Blake Lively, SavagesBlake Lively is Oliver Stone’s hippie fantasy in his new movie “Savages.” She shares herself with two men until she’s kidnapped and all hell breaks loose in a new trailer for the movie.

Will Stone do for the drug trade what he did for the Vietnam War in “Platoon” and the President Kennedy assassination in “JFK?”

Both films were illuminating tales of controversial events in the nation’s history, and the drug war is equally as wrenching. But whether Stone takes a serious run at the subject or opts for guns, sex and violence remains to be seen.

After Lively’s character “O” is kidnapped, pot growers Ben(Aaron Johnson), a Berkeley grad, and Chon (Taylor Kitsch), an ex-Navy Seal, takes on a Mexican drug cartel to get her back.

John Travolta plays a DEA agent trying to sort the mess out. Salma Hayek and Benicio Del Toro also star as part of the cartel.

And Get this, Uma Thurman, who turns 42 this month and is pregnant, plays Lively’s mother. She’s 24. Uma must be getting desperate for roles, or the part calls for a teen mother.

“Savages” will hit theaters on July 6. Check out the trailer below:

Footnote: Jennifer Lawrence was originally cast as O, but dropped out to film “The Hunger Games.” Think she made the right choice?