Roman-Polanski1Lawyers for film Director Roman Polanski have filed new motions in his 33-year-old sex case, urging a California judge to drop the matter once and for all because the cost of the proceedings far outweighs the ultimate justice for the shamed film maker.

The State of California is almost broke because of the economic recession, but it’s unclear whether it’s that broke.

Polanski, 76, lived on the lam for more than 30 years after pleading guilty to one count of having sex with an underage girl. The victim was 13 when the crime occurred in 1977. He fled the United States to avoid sentencing.

He spent most of his time in France, which refused to extradite him. But on a visit to Switzerland last year, he was nabbed by authorities on the outstanding U.S. arrest warrant.

The aging director is now living under house arrest at his posh ski chalet in Gstaad, an upscale Swiss resort .

A Los Angeles judge ruled in January that Polanski must be returned to the United States for sentencing. His lawyers have been fighting the move ever since.

Last month, they filed an appeal calling for an investigation into alleged judicial misconduct involving prosecutors.

In their latest motion, filed April 6, they assert that the case has the potential to drag on for months.

“It is unjust for a defendant’s constitutional rights to be held hostage to the district attorney’s office’s outright refusal to investigate the misconduct in which it was involved…

“As the district attorney is undoubtedly counting on, Mr. Polanski would ‘most likely waive’ his right to any extended examination of his past treatment, were he to return, in order to avoid further expense and possible incarceration while the case is untangled,” according to a copy of the legal brief obtained by The Associated Press.