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Carly Craig Sassy, Sexy at Home in Esquire (photos)

Carly Craig is sassy and sexy to boot and shows it in Esquire magazine’s “Me in My Place” feature, where starlets you know, lounge around in their homes.

I’m very comfortable in my underwear and a t-shirt kind-of-a-thing. I usually sleep in that anyways,” says Carly of the photo shoot.

As hard as it is for women in Hollywood, Craig knows female comedians have it even harder. But she won roles in “Hall Pass,” and current film “The Three Stooges” by impressing a tough audience, the Farrelly brothers, who produced and directed both.

Check out Carly’s photos; click to enlarge.

She was immortalized in a scene from “Hall Pass” where it seemed certain she would throw up in Jason Sudeikis’ face. Except it all came out the other end with a big splat.

Bobby Farrelly told me, ‘This scene will either be the funniest one, or it’ll get cut.’ I was like, ‘Oh, no pressure.’ I knew when we shot it — when I watched Jason Sudeikis’s face — that it wasn’t going to get cut,” she said.

“After that scene, Bobby Farrelly texted me and said that I’d earned my stripes. So with ‘Three Stooges,’ I got lucky and didn’t have to audition. That was a first,” she added.

Ironically, she didn’t go to Hollywood with comedy on her mind. “I didn’t come here to do comedy at all,” she says.

“Girls in comedy — especially then — it’s getting better now, but it was really hard for people to take you seriously as a comedian, and I already didn’t think I was one.

“I was fooling everyone by surrounding myself with funny people. But then I put myself out there — writing my own sketches, going on stage with nobody surrounding me — and for some reason people were still laughing,” she says.

“A lot of female comedians will go up there in a sweatshirt and Converses, trying to dress themselves down, because it is sort of a boy’s club.

“I’ll go up in my heels. I like that people don’t think I’ll be funny. I’ll take that on. I don’t do standup comedy — I do standup and I do comedy, but I don’t go up there and do jokes,” she explains.

The Three Stooges is a family movie, “which makes me really happy,” says Carly. Bbecause nothing I’ve done has been kid-appropriate.

I was supposed to speak at my niece’s school about following your dreams and stuff, and a couple of the teachers Googled me. ‘Judy Garland Orgasm.’ (one of her Funny or Die skits) I wasn’t allowed to speak at the school after that.”

Maybe not, but she can invite us over any time. Check out her photos.

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