Joseph Gordon Levitt, Looper, TheImproper.comJoseph Gordon Levitt is caught in a time warp in a new trailer for the film “Looper.” He plays a hit man who works for a gangland mob in the future. His job is to eliminate people sent back to him through time. Except one victim gets away.

After co-starring in the 2010 science fiction action heist film “Inception,” Levitt seems to be the go-to guy for fabulist films with bizarre plots and strange twists.

The Rian Johnson-directed picture, which also stars Bruce Willis, Emily Blunt and Jeff Daniels is premised on the invention of time travel, which is illegal and only available on the black market.

The mob uses it to send victims marked for elimination back to the past, where a “looper” is waiting to kill them. Why they have to be sent back to the past isn’t readily apparent.

In any event, hired gun Joe (Levitt) lives in 2042 and takes his instructions from the mob in 2072. Life is sweet until the victim sent back for elimination turns out to be him, obviously, 30 years older.

The realization causes a moment’s hesitation and his future self, played by Willis, escapes, unleashing a chain reaction of mayhem. Joe must “close the loop” before he is killed by the mob.

The trailer basically sets up the premise for the movie. It opens with Levitt’s voice over explaining the time travel. In the opening scene, he appears standing in a field waiting for his victim, who suddenly materializes.

The film is set for release Sept. 28th. Check out the trailer below.