Sci-fi devotees have watched boatloads of shows come and go on the small screen. But when “Awake” debuted several weeks back on NBC, I decided to give it a shot.

Shows like “Millennium,” “The Event,” “Jericho,” “Torchwood,” “Fast Forward,” The Nine” and “Heroes,” all started strong, but were soon abandoned by the networks that aired them, often with plots dangling. Let’s hope, the story is different with “Awake.”

It tells the story of a police detective who is involved in a deadly accident. He loses his wife, and, in what might be a dream, he also loses his son. Every day he wakes up in one of those realities. In a brilliant plot point, he distinguishes between the two by the color of rubber band on his wrist.

Yes, I know it sounds daft, but it works surprisingly well. Interestingly enough, one case he’s working on in one reality sometimes crosses over into his other reality, paving the way to a possible resolution of his dilemma.

Starring Harry Potter’s Jason Isaacs, as well as Wilmer Valderrama, Dylan Minnette, Laura Allen and Michaela McManus, the show is tightly written, acted and directed. As usual with many of these shows, the producer, writer and show runner is one fellow with a dastardly devilish scheme up his sleeve.

In this case it’s Kyle Killen, who did last year’s “Lone Star,” which I am not all that familiar with. But he has delivered, perhaps, the brightest light yet on this rather bleak TV season. The show is just terrific.

I have no idea how it’s doing in the ratings, but it’s kept me watching every week. And, by the way, the latest episode posited that there’s some sort of nefarious plot that created the two realities. Oh, that just means the show will wrap up shortly. Check it out … before it does.