Leonardo DiCaprio looks suitable sleazy as a plantation owner in new photos from “Django Unchained,” Quentin Tarantino’s take on pre-Civil War slavery. Jamie Foxx plays the slave.

DiCaprio’s character looks like he’s modeled on Rhett Butler from 1939’s “Gone With the Wind.” The look seems historically accurate.

Of course, the same could have been said for Tarantino’s 2009 World War II epic, “Inglourious Basterds.” The look was real, but the plot was a flight of fancy.

DiCaprio plays evil plantation own Calvin Candie, who owns a female slave who happens to be the wife of Django, a slave played by Jamie Foxx.

A German bounty hunter, Dr. King Schultz, played by Christoph Waltz , who also starred in “Basterds,” frees Django. Apparently Schultz has a score to settle with the Brittle brothers, Django’s old owners, so he enlists his help.

Check out Django photos; click to enlarge.

Early word is that Tarantino will parody the spaghetti westerns that made Clint Eastwood famous. But there doesn’t seem to be any relation to the 1966 Italian western by the same name, one of the bloodiest films of the genre ever made. Tarantino may be out to break that record.

Foxx describes the film as Shaft’s “Richard Roundtree meets Clint Eastwood.” Like Tarantino’s other films, this one is sure to be controversial. “Oh, hell yeah,” Foxx tells Entertainment Weekly. “You kidding me?”

Check out the new photos. The Weinstein Co. film will hit theaters on Christmas Day.