Jane Fonda, Elizabeth OlsenJane Fonda role reverses in the Bruce Beresford-directed comedy “Peace, Love and Understanding.” This time she’s an up country counter-culture dropout with a hard-driving attorney for a daughter, exactly the opposite of her character in “Georgia Rule.”

Catherine Keener plays the daughter who is fleeing Manhattan and a disastrous divorce. She heads home to her mother’s farm and for the first time in 20 years, according to a new trailer.

She takes along her teenage son played by Nat Wolff and her twenty-something daughter played by Elizabeth Olsen to meet their grandmother. Chace Crawford, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Kyle MacLachlan also star.

Oddly, Fonda’s character was the opposite, although the situation was the same, in 2007’s “Georgia Rule.” Lindsay Lohan played an out-of-control daughter and Felicity Huffman played her exasperated mother, Lilly.

After wrecking the car, daughter is dropped off at grandmother’s house in Idaho to learn about life from Fonda’s totally by-the-book character.

How many times can they remake the same movie? The two film involve a clash of cultures, albeit from different perspectives. Georgia Rule was modestly successful with a $25 million box office.

The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival last September. It will hit theaters June 8 and head for On Demand, June 15. Any surprise?

Check out the trailer below: