Sarah Jessica Parker, SATC 2 Poster Sarah Jessica Parker puts her best foot — or is that leg? — forward in the new “Sex and the City 2” poster. Meanwhile, SJP also did a turn in Vogue magazine, gracing the cover in a Mario Testino shoot, and talking about the film.

She also talks about her new fashion gig with Halston and her growing family with the recent addition of twins by a surrogate mother last summer.

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The 45-year-old actress is carrying the ball solo in this promotion. Parker’s Carrie Bradshaw strides confidently across a barren desert scene in a evening dress slit up to her hip.

The gown of blue denim with gold detailing is revealing up top as well. Is SJP really that busty, or do we see some photoshopping here?

In any event, she looks like the confident, professional Manhattan woman she portrays in the movie.

While co-stars, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis are nowhere to be found they will likely pull duty in other posters, similar to the last film’s approach. The new trailer for the film was released last Friday.

Here are some of the highlights from her upcoming Vogue interview.

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Her the arrival of her twins: “Meeting your children rather than giving birth to them, it’s as if, um, it’s–suspended animation. The gestational experience is gone. It’s as if everything else disappears for a moment, and the world goes silent and–I can’t explain it except to say that nothing else existed. I don’t remember anything but the blanket on the bed that they were lying on and my husband’s face and their faces and my son’s. It’s literally as if sound is sucked from the room. Time stands still. It’s so different, and equally extraordinary.”

How she stays grounded: “We painted our patio furniture ourselves…. I make my children’s food myself. We put together their high chairs ourselves; we do a lot ourselves! We do our own grocery shopping, we go to the market ourselves, you know? I do my laundry.”

The New SATC 2 movie: “We four women, despite I guess what a lot of people hope, have never been better. This movie–and maybe it’s because we actually lived together–it was the best! We were together all day long, at night, in the restaurants, in our hotels. It was wonderful.”

Her feelings about the girls aging: “We’re still playing–uh, I don’t know how old Carrie is! Is she about 42 now? I think Carrie’s younger than I, and Miranda and Charlotte are younger than they are in real life. Samantha was always the older lady, so she’s 52 now and talks a lot about what comes with that. In the movie. Talks about menopause, comedically.”

Her love affair with New York and Halston: “I came to New York originally in 1976, and then I got this part in Annie around the corner from Studio 54. I was a little girl, and for some reason they always invited the cast of Annie to Studio 54, so there I was at 13 and 14, and the doorman would usher us in, literally underneath his arms. And it was 1977 in New York City, and you couldn’t be alive and not know the name Halston.”

Her new position with Halston: “There was every reason to say no, and there were very compelling reasons to say yes…. It’s an exciting time at that company. It has had some false starts that are well documented and it is relaunching itself. It has a wonderful legacy, and I couldn’t say no.”

For more from her interview, check out Vogue online or the magazine. “Sex and the City 2” hits theaters on May 28.