Lost-wunderkund J. J. Abrams’ show “Fringe” has been nothing short of brilliant for almost of all its four seasons. Fox finally announced it’s renewing the epic show for a shortened-13-episode season.  It was the right call.

Truth be told, the current season has been its weakest yet, with a reveal of an alternate universe (always cause for concern!). Yet the acting by principals Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson and, in particular, John Noble, is just off the charts.

As this season progressed, the ratings turned downward and Fox-programming chieftain Kevin Reilly was quoted as saying, “We love the show; but, the show loses money and we are not in business to lose money.”

That may happen been a call to arms to all Fringe-fans. There was an outpouring of concern over its possible cancellation. Interestingly enough, Reilly’s quote was used in a show about a ruthless businessman … who soon met his end; floating to the ceiling no less!

Some of this season’s shows were brilliant, but there was just too much filler. With 13 episodes now confirmed, I trust Abrams and crew will cherry pick the best scripts and send the show off properly.

Tribeca Film Festival Sightings

Rebecca Bruder

Up-and-coming actress Rebecca Bruder was spotted at the Tribeca Film Festival last Thursday at the debut of “Deadfall,” with Eric Bana, Olivia Wilde, Treat Williams, Kate Mara, Charlie Hunnam, Kris Kristofferson and Sissy Spacek.

The thrill-a-minute epic involves a brother and sister who pull off a casino heist and literally moments later find themselves immersed in a life-or-death chase with the authorities. Written by Zach Dean and directed with propulsive passion by Stefan Ruzowitzky, it had us glued to the screen.

Bana and Wilde are just outstanding and what great performances by Kristofferson, Spacek and Williams; all sorely missed from the big screen. The film is also richly photographed, especially during a white-out snow storm.

Special kudos to cinematographer Shane Hurlbut, soon to be much in-demand for his beautiful work onscreen. I cannot recommend it enough.

Bruder just participated in a reading for The Perfect Wife at the Abingdon Theatre here in New York, with director Jan Buttram and Kim Sharpe, literary manger at Abingdon.

She’s also being considered for several new roles when the new TV-season starts filming shortly. Ably guided by manager William Schill, look for her to become a familiar presence on the screen quite soon.

Names in the News

Cyril Pavillard, Jay Fagen; Karen L. Lewis, Heather Moore, Bruce Grakal, Joel Diamond, Roy Trakin, Paul Resta, Tom Silverman, Kurt Loder, David Fricke, David Adelson, Howard Bloom, Cory Robbins, Andrew Saffir, Mike Sigman, Dave Allocca, Eddie Finocchiaro, Beth Wernick, Paul Bobby.