Kristen Stewart revealed working with horses frightened her the most while filming “Snow White and the Huntsman” because of a childhood incident. What happened?

Kristen talked about her behind-the-scenes experiences filming the movie with Jay Leno on the “Tonight Show.”

Jay noted that the British press voted Kristen best dressed. But Kristen said she feels no pressure to dress up now.

“No, especially when I’m in London, I do feel completely stuck to California Young. I think it’s kinda funny really.”

Jay segued into shooting Snow White, and Kristen revealed that she saw the Disney animated classic before filming started. But aside from basic plot elements, the two films are completely different, she noted.

“It’s a darker version of Snow White, and you ride horses in the movie,” Leno noted. “Are you a horsewoman?” he asked.

Kristen revealed that she rode once as a kid. “I hurt myself, though,” she says. “I fell off of it and hurt myself,” she said laughing. The injury was painful, a broken and dislocated elbow.

“I wanted this [role] so much, I did that thing where you just ignore little voices in your head. ‘You have to ride a horse, dude, what are you thinking?’ And, really, really ride a horse,” she explained.

“That was the last little hurdle. I just kind of turned my mind off.”

Not that it wasn’t a struggle. Check out the interview below. Kristen is always hilarious telling stories.