Ed Harris and X-Files star David Duchovny set sail in the Russian Navy in “The Phantom,” an tense drama that takes place aboard a nuclear submarine, according to a new trailer.

Writer and director Todd Robinson, probably best known for the 2006 murder mystery “Lonely Hearts” that paired John Travolta with James Gandolfini as two detectives, is also writing and directing this feature.

Captain Dmitri Zubov, played by Harris, sets sail on a secret mission with the fate of the world hanging in the balance. His submarine has plunged into the depths of the South Pacific. But all is not right. A sub has gone rogue.

The rogue element is threatening destruction and could have ties to dark forces. The good captain is forced to face his past to find redemption and get his crew and ship through harrowing waters.

The new trailer was released ahead of the Cannes Film Festival, with hopes of shopping the $18 million production around to distributors.

The clip opens with Harris outlining the only two reasons a boat would go rogue, “either to defect, or start a war.”

The movie was inspired by real events. That’s enough to send chills up your spine right off the bat. Check out the trailer below: