Daniel Craig’s James Bond is all about word play and gun play in the first trailer for his new spy thriller “Skyfall.” The clip opens with Bond going through some psychological screen process with an MI6 psychiatrist. It isn’t pretty.

Country? “England,” he replies. Well, at least he’s got that part right. Gun? “Shot…” Agent? “Provocateur.” he replies. Not sports agent or insurance agent.

He clearly has trouble on his mind and it doesn’t take the shrink long to suss it out. Murder? “Employment,” Bond replies. You get where this is going.

In the 23rd movie in the James Bond 007 series, MI6 has some questions about Bond’s loyalty; hence all of the testing. But the job falls to the secret agent to protect the super-secret spy agency when it’s attacked.

He must eliminate the enemy at all costs. “Some men are coming to kill us,” Bond says. “We’re going to kill them first.”

Then, all hell breaks loose in the clip. Javier Bardem plays Raoul Silva, Bond’s nemesis. Judi Dench is back (her seventh Bond film), along with Ralph Fiennes in the Sam Mendes directed flick.

Mendes says Bond has a “very important relationship” with Silva, which could be the source of his MI6 problems. Check out the trailer below.