David Segal, the time-share king of the world, with a billion dollar business, a trophy wife 30 years his junior and the biggest house in America, is a case study in how far and how fast that nation fell in the Great Recession.

Money appeared to be no object until the luxury resort real estate market crashed. Now Segal and his family are counting pennies like everyone else, and it’s all been caught splendidly on video, by award-winning photographer and filmmaker Lauren Greenfield.

A new trailer for the documentary “The Queen Of Versailles” has been released ahead of the picture’s debut in theaters July 20. The film captured the eye of critics at the Sundance Film Festival and won first prize for best documentary direction.

The Segal’s rags to riches to rags story is symbolized by their 90,000 square foot house and by Segal’s trophy wife Jackie.

It’s bigger than the White House, with 30 bathrooms, ten kitchen, two tennis courts and a full-size baseball field all set in a stunning waterfront location. And, they can’t afford to finish it.

“We were in line to do a billion dollars in sales a year. We were on top of the world. And, it came to a screeching halt,” says David Segal. “I would say it’s touch and go right now.”

Unfortunately, the trophy wife never gets the message. The trailer portrays her as a spendthrift who can’t stop spending. The film is also about pride, denial and a fatalistic humor.

Check out the trailer below.